Ye Questions. Arrr Answers.

What is an "E-Bike"?

An "E-bike" is an electric bicycle. E bikes have an electic motor and powerful yet small battery that allows the rider to enjoy two different experiences that are unavailable on traditional bicycles. For example, if you have an injury or are just starting out with exercise, our e bikes offer 5 different levels of pedal assist. Yes - the motor helps you peddle! You may also be interested in a more leisurely ride with no sweat involved. Simple - just use the very comfortable throttle and cruise up to 20 miles an hour with NO Peddling!!

Where can I ride the e bikes?

All 3 towns on Topsail Island (Topsail Beach, Surf City & North Topsail Beach) offer bike lanes and quiet oceanside streets that are just a pleasure to cruise. Your family can cruise for lunch, to go to the beach, take in sights or just because. There truly is no better way to enjoy our island than having the sea breeze in your hair on an e bike. We do not permit riding our ebikes on the beach itself however. The sand and salt cause damage to the electric motors and circuity. If a rider still chooses to ride on the beach, we consider the bike damaged and the rider is responsible for replacement of components that are typically damaged by salt and sand. This is to ensure the next rider does not have a mechanical breakdown ruining their fun due to the previous renter. The state of North Carolina also allows e bikes anywhere a traditional bicycle may go with the e bike giving the right of way to pedal bikes, pedestrians or motor vechicles.

How do I learn to ride an electric bicycle?

First - like the old saying "it's like riding a bicycle". If you know how to ride a bicycle you are almost there. Second - We give you a brief instruction on the differences in e bikes and the traditional bicycles so that you are very familiar and confident.

Who can ride an e bike?

Anyone 14 years or older that knows how to ride a traditional bicycle. If under 18, we require a parent or guardain to sign the waiver on the minor's behalf. The rider also should fit comfortably with the size bike rented and not exceed 275 lbs. The rider should not have any injuries that interfer with safe use of the bicycle.

What is provided with the e bike rental?

We provide helmets if you do not bring your own. Each e bike is equipped with a cup holder, phone charger, e biker charger, bike lock and small bike mounted storage bag.

Can I rent in advance and what is the cancellation policy?

We recommend you do in fact rent in advance. Our bikes rent quickly because they are so fun! Cancellations in general cannot be handled. However if Mutiny E Bikes cancel due to hurricane or the authories ordered an evacaution, you are able to reschedule or receive a credit for a future rental in the next year.

What is the amount of time I can rent?

We only generally offer rentals from April to October. If you have an event or are down outside of this timeframe please contact us and we may can provide rentals. We only offer daily and weekly (5 days) rentals or a combination of the two.

All Our Topsail Bikes & Equipment Are Sanitized After Each Use Due To COVID19