Electric Bike Rentals On Topsail Island

RadCity Step-Thru

RadMini Step-Thru



The RadCity Step-Thru is ready to cruise Topsail Island.

Featuring 750 watts /48 Volts of electric sailing power, speeds of up to 25 mph and range of up to 45 miles.


The Rugged RadMini Step-Thru is a foldable bike ready to take on your Topsail Island adventures.

Featuring 750 watts/48 volts of electric sailing power, speeds of up to 25 mph and a range of up to 45 miles.


Yeee Have Questions?

Arr Have Answers.

Go ahead and plunder our chest full of Topsail Island E Bike Rental Questions.

What is an E-Bike?

It's Just Like Any Other Bike But Different. It's the Bike of The 21st Century. Our Electric Bike Rentals Feature a Powerful Electric Motor and Equally Matched Battery Allowing You Use It's Pedal Assist or Pure Electron Power. When Using Pedal Assist, the Electric Motor Helps The Rider Pedal. This is Perfect If You Want A Light Workout, Expect To Ride Long Distances or Even Expect To Climb Our High Rise Bridges. Don't Feel Like Sweating? No Problem, Don't Peddle, Use the Throttle And Let The Electric Motor Do It's Job.

Our Electric Bikes Cruise Up To 25 MPH and Have A 45 MPH Range. Topsail Island is Only 26 Miles Long!!

All Our Topsail Bikes & Equipment Are Sanitized After Each Use Due To COVID19